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Why Did "Our" Courts, "Our" Government Side With The World's Finanicial Terrorists Throughout The Foreclosure Crisis?

Of course I put the words, “our” government in quotes because it’s not ours anymore.   Government at all level is owned and controlled by the corporations who bankroll their campaigns and who actually write the laws and legislation.   But it doesn’t stop there. The corporations own and control the policing and prosecuting arms of the governments that should exist to protect citizens and enforce consumer protection laws.   This is clear from the federal enforcement agencies like the SEC and the Treasury and is of course obscenely on display here in Florida (as in many other states) where the Office of Attorney General accepts millions of dollars in campaign cash and contributions….and that money (largely) does not come from the consumers that these offices are supposed to be protecting.   Instead, the campaign contributions come from the corporations that the Attorney Generals are supposed to be prosecuting.   This conflict is on such dramatic display in the context of the 49 State Attorney General, Foreclosure/Robo-Signing, Insurance Fraud case.


This statement is not hyperbole…it is a legal fact established in the pleadings filed as part of the National Mortgage Settlement (ahem, Sellout).   But no-one, except a few attorneys perhaps, have actually read the terms of the settlement and the allegations. It’s most frustrating that The Press refuses to report on what’s actually continuing to occur with this sellout…the press instead takes the easy way out, copying the press releases issued as part of The Settlement.   And this nation’s attorney generals will not be responsive to The People, electing instead to remain utterly responsive to The Banks that own and control them.   It’s just madness really…and laziness…the Amerikan people have simply become too lazy to get mad anymore…and so they let the criminals continue to run the asylum while bizarre theater…a mockery of a judicial system plays out before us.
I encourage people to visit the website here, and continue to go through the madness of submitting complaints.THE WEBSITE IS FOUND RIGHT HERE
So what’s got me so hacked off today?   The same old progress that’s been going on for years….
Too many clients trying way to hard to force the banks to work with them, only to be denied…kicked in the face…told that the consumer who supports them will be granted no repreivce…while at the same time, the criminal enterprises report record profits and grow ever more powerful.
I feel compelled to add into this that I’m feeling particularly incensed by recent losses in court which destroy what faith I had that this nation’s judicial system would in fact step up, step in and fulfill the sacred mission bestowed upon it by our nation’s founders.   I am of course particularly referring to the stinging rebuke I received when Florida’s Second District Court of Appeals refused to issue an opinion on a case I spent years prepping and pursuing.   The case represents a fundamental fault line that exists all across this nation….that absolute, undeniable fact that billions of dollars in wealth is being shifted around and our courts have no idea where this money is going to.   In the Hassell Appeal, the Plaintiff boldly asserted that my client had no right to know who owned the three quarters of a million dollars of debt they were collecting.   They asserted my client had no right to know who it was that was directing them to throw my client into the street.

They asserted that neither my client nor the court had any right to know who was taking title to the physical property of the United States of America.

Did you get that?   Because this is a big point here…..The banks that are operating as debt collectors in this nation are refusing to disclose on whose behalf they are collecting these debts for…..and “our” nation’s courts are letting them get away with it.   So who owns the former Hassell home tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood in Pinellas County?   Well it’s not American Home Mortgage Servicing, the company that filed the lawsuit and it’s not Residential Credit, the debt collector that slipped into the lawsuit with an ex parte order signed by a judge…so if you’re living in this neighborhood, you have absolutely no idea who your new neighbor is next door….a concept that I will continue to have a real problem with.
Which brings me to my final point today.   What’s really, really got me fired up and furious?   A client came in yesterday who was quite upset about the abuse she continued to suffer negotiating with Homecomings Financial. Homecoming filed foreclosure against her and they have continued to pound on her for years.   She has tried desperately to work out a modification with them, but they’ve refused….they would only accept a HUGE payment under absurd terms to even discuss a modification with her.   And then she stumbled across the reporting about the HSBC/Homecoming roles in laundering money for drug cartels and criminal state actors and terrorist groups.   She’s a principled woman who felt real conflict about negotiating with an organization who gave aid and comfort to enemies of the United States of America and who in so doing were conspirators in the deaths of American soldiers and law enforcement officers.   And with this fact in mind, I circle back to two questions…..1) Why do “our” governments continue to side with the criminal enterprises?   And the answer is:

State and federal authorities decided against indicting HSBC in a money-laundering case over concerns that criminal charges could jeopardize one of the world’s largest banks and ultimately destabilize the global financial system.   Instead, HSBC announced on Tuesday that it had agreed to a record $1.92 billion settlement with authorities. The bank, which is based in Britain, faces accusations that it transferred billions of dollars for nations like Iran and enabled Mexican drug cartels to move money illegally through its American subsidiaries.


Now why is it that individual citizens are forbidden from providing material support to terrorist organizations but the banks are able to do so?   I for instance could not cut a check to Al Queda or to send a nice cash contribution each month to my favorite Mexican Drug Cartel, but if this woman wants to stay in her home, she is compelled to write a check each month to an organization that has in fact provided material support to organizations that have engaged in war making and terrorist activities against this nation.
Something to think about…..


    The Facts Are …. This BS Has Been Going On DECADES and even Centuries ….. Just For The Record

  • j kelley says:

    It looks like JPMorgan has managed to evade publication of their Consent Judgment by substituting the BOA Consent Judgment. Even the DOJ has not published it.
    You should check your work.

  • dolleymadison says:

    This is the same low-life bank, who is posing as ” Trustee” of an empty, defunct MBS ” trust” in order to foreclose on my home “” when I never missed a payment. The state AG, Banking Commissioner, FDIC, et al simply yawned and told me to ” get a lawyer.” Got another nice note from Joseph Smith yesterday ” thanking” me for my complaint but they are ” not able to intervene.” I guess HSBC has to illegally liquidate some more U.S. real estate to pay the fine which keeps Mr. Smith in silk ties.

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