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New Client Start-up Process

The Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation we meet with you, talk about your concerns, examine your documents, as time permits, and generally explore your options. This is an important first step because it allows us to become acquainted with one another and take a first look at your legal matter. We also discuss costs of defending a lawsuit or pursuing claims, including our fees and other expenses which you will be responsible to pay.
We will cover things like gathering additional documents and keeping good records going forward. Afterward, you will have an opportunity to think it over and decide whether or not to hire Weidner Law to represent you. Depending on the discussion, one of our attorneys may provide you with a legal representation agreement to review.

Representation Agreement

If you choose to hire Weidner Law for your legal matter, the next step starts by signing the legal representation agreement and paying the amounts stated in that document. Of course your relationship with our law firm will be through one of our attorneys who will be your main point of contact for all legal matters. Please note that other members of our law firm, including paralegals, administrative staff or other attorneys, may occasionally contact you for matters pertaining to your case. However, your attorney will be the main contact for everything related to your case.

Begin Representation Work

Next, you will be asked to gather documents related to your legal matter and to provide these to the attorney. This may include providing documents by mail, courier or bringing them into the office. Other times this may be accomplished by scanning the documents and sending them by email. Your attorney may also tell you to direct all communications regarding the legal matter to the law firm. This is intended to protect you.
Once our law firm has opened a file for your case the attorney and supporting legal staff will begin working on your behalf immediately. Your lawyer will communicate with you as needed, which may include contact by phone, email or in-office visits. If you are required to attend court hearings, depositions, trial or other court-related events, your attorney will give you notice.

Resolve your legal issue

Weidner Law then works diligently to work on your case, provide you with legal advice, prepare and file documents with the court, coordinate hearing times with opposing counsel and diligently represent you to obtain a favorable outcome. Although no lawyer can guarantee specific results, your attorney can discuss with you the reasonable likelihood of success or failure, given the facts and law applicable to your situation.
In every step of this process, our promise is to treat you fairly and provide honest answers to your questions. Click below to see a video of what our clients say about us. If you are ready to get started, please click on the button below to begin filling out our Getting Started Form.

Fees & Costs

If you have questions about our fees, just ask and we will provide the details and estimates about what the range of fees and costs for your particular situation. Contact us today.

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Why Choose Weidner Law?

Matt is probably one of the best foreclosure defense attorneys in the State–maybe the U.S. at the trial court and appellate level.

Royce BishopAttorney

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Mr. Weidner is smart, hard working and extremely knowledgeable in his field.

Lawrence K. Bowen, Jr.Attorney