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The Big Lie- How Wall Street Destroyed The Wonder That Was America…..

big-lie-financeA great essay. Something for us all to consider.   We’re all waking up now. But it’s not like waking up after a good, restful night’s sleep in a good bed.   It’s like waking up after a hard night of drinking.   Drinking really, really cheap gin.   And chain smoking filter less camel cigarets while staying up for days at a time gambling away your entire family’s fortune in a crappy casino miles off the strip.

Your eyes are caked shut with God only knows what.   Your clothes are stained with, with….oh God that’s urine and…..

Well, GOOOOOOD MORNING SUNSHINE….time to get this brand new life started!   Remember, this nation once had an industrial and employment base that was the envy of all the world.   Honest, it’s true. I can remember it….sort of.   I remember when General Electric had a plant in Daytona Beach….and I remember when it left Daytona Beach….and nothing ever returned…..a metaphor for all of America…..

The Big Lie