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An Important Message From “General” O. Max Gardner- Equal Justice Under The Law

max-gardner-bankruptcyIf April Charney is the Godmother of foreclosure defense, then Max Gardner is certainly, well…The General.   There is most assuredly a war being waged upon each and every one of us. Every attorney and every homeowner and every activist that dares to stand up is fighting a much larger battle….a battle to protect our courts, our county, our way of life.   Like any war there are going to be setbacks and crushing defeats, warriors will be sacrificed.   But we must all continue to fight…every single day.   We cannot lose and we cannot quit. We must make those who say they are our leaders lead. We must demand they hold those who caused this war accountable.

We must fight for one another. Neighbor helping neighbor, reaching across all prior boundaries of race, color, class and creed. We must all defend and support the good lawyers who are serving this nation in this, a most desperate time. We should all recognize and honor again the highest evolution of those who practice law…..Lawyer serving mankind.

And with that in mind, please read this message from a real-life figure who stands much larger than life, a mere mortal who transcends the self-imposed boundaries that hold other lawyers back. Read his message, meditate on it. Form your own battle plans for 2012.   Join together with your fellow soldiers.   Commit to wage a fair and a just and an honorable fight. For the lawyers out there, let this time of crisis show the world the very highest values of this profession.   Let this time be the lawyer’s finest hour……

As consumer lawyers, we are trained to believe that our legal system should be fair ““ equal justice under the law ““ yes, the same law and the same order for all of us.   But, for those of us in the trenches doing mortgage defense litigation or representing consumers in bankruptcy cases, we all know that there has been one set of rules for us and another set of rules for the banks and the law licenses they rent.   What is a ” technical” violation for the banksters has been a legal disbarment case for us.   What is a ” ta-da” note indorsement for the rent-a-lawyers, has been a sanction imposed on us for discovery abuses or for failure to timely disclose ” relevant” evidence.   What has been a massive fraud on the courts at unprecedented and truly historical levels by the so-called holders of the mortgage notes has been just another debtor wanting a free house for us.   I could go on and on but redundancy is boring.






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