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The ACLU Lawsuit and What It Says About The State of “Our” Court System

It is critically important that everyone in this country read the lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union this week. (Click Here For Lawsuit)

Reading the entire lawsuit is important, but even more important is to read the emails between court officials that are attached as an appendix to the lawsuit. (Click Here For Emails)

I expect that any American with a basic understanding of our system of government would understand just how damming and profound the allegations in the lawsuit are, but it is perhaps more important to read the actual emails that are incorporated into the lawsuit.   Don’t just rely upon the allegations contained in the lawsuit, don’t just rely on the ACLU’s interpretation of the facts, read the emails for yourself and ask whether these emails represent the kind of fairness and justice that you think we are entitled to under the Florida and United States Constitution.

It is a mistake to diminish the significance of this lawsuit because “it’s only Lee County”. No, that’s wrong.   While the allegations contained within the suit may be particular to that area, we all must understand that we have a responsibility and duty to police what is happening in courtrooms all across this country.   Our courts have been co-opted by the corporations and business interests that run this country now, a fact that is clearly illustrated by the ACLU lawsuit.   If you can’t quite understand the full significance of the allegations contained within the suit, have a read of the following blog for more perspective:

Firedog Lake