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I think it’s easy to say this is the largest and most wide-ranging fraud against the courts in the United States.

Another week, another foreclosure mill subpoenaed by the Attorney General, with an announcement splashed in the New York Times.

With all this investigating, why no handcuffs?   Why aren’t the Bar Associations suspending?

New York Times

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  • angry_nNOT TAKING IT says:

    both handcuffs, bar suspensions , any other legal action,as you know Matt ,if there is knowledge of a crime or legal violation then a Gov employee or authority is REQUIRED to take action re this crime or legal violation OR be culpable of what, accessory after the fact, aiding and abetting , obstruction of justice ..bla bla bla…I’m not a lawyer- BUT…any action is going to ADMIT to Collusion OF OUR [correction NOT OUR – the GOV] = GAME OVER- bring on the riots,hangings,shooting of unarmed& ARMED american people , the civil unrest the fema camps that dont exist that are NOT waiting to fill… with …ah…illegal aliens = all us americans that are not part of the 1% club.. fukem lets get this shit started.
    thomas jefferson is rolling in his grave.

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