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Rick Scott’s Plan- Crash The Economy Then Sell The State to The Oil Companies….

The news from the Associated Press just this morning that Rick Scott and Florida’s Republicans will move to reject federal stimulus money that would bring jobs to Florida should really get Floridian’s thinking about the bigger picture.

Why did Rick Scott invest millions of his own personal dollars to buy the governor’s mansion of Florida?   What benefits could he steer his own way as governor that would benefit his own investments? (hint, he is invested in oil and gas ventures) What kind of corporate money is flowing around between both parties to push one agenda or another?

It seems clear to me that Florida’s Republicans will accept staggering unemployment and a crashed economy as part of a political game of chicken with the Democrats and the Obama administration.   While all this is going on, Floridians will be treated to an inside peek at the inner workings of political parties in the form of the Fraud case against former Republican Party Chair Jim Greer….highlights from the lawsuit:

Current and former state legislators, including U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, could see their free-wheeling spending of state party money put back on display.

And there’s Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon, Senate President Mike Haridopolos and former state party chairman and current state Sen. John Thrasher. They signed a secret $124,000 severance package with Greer so he would resign and keep his mouth shut.

Just think of all those retirees and people on fixed income writing $50 and $100 checks so their party leaders can lavish obscene goodies upon themselves.   What the poor contributors do not understand is their money is just a tiny drop of water compared to all the big cash that comes in from the corporations that own this state and who make those massive contributions knowing full well that they will see absolute returns on their money.
Our country is so failed and corrupt, and much of it starts with the money. To see just how badly corrupt our entire system is, just follow the money…it’s an ugly trail.

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