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Why Did Wealthy Saudis Leave The USA Right Before and Right After 9/11?

By September 10, 20112 Comments

And why was this question not fully investigated? These are questions that should be asked and fully investigated…from a story in today’s Sarasota Tribune:

Graham called on President Obama to conduct a full accounting of the “Saudi involvement” in supporting 9/11 hijackers and an explanation of why the U.S. government withheld information on the Sarasota family and others with ties to the hijackers from Congressional investigators.

“I think it’s a total outrage,” said Graham, who chaired the joint Congressional inquiry into 9/11.

The Sarasota family, Abdulazzi and Anoud al-Hiijjii, abruptly left Sarasota to return to Saudi Arabia shortly before Sept. 11, but Congressional leaders were never told of the incident. They also were not told of the family’s connection to the hijackers, who visited the al-Hiijjii home several times, according to security gate records compiled in a previously undisclosed FBI investigation that was leaked to this week.

Sarasota Tribune





  • Concerned reader says:

    Thanks for this story Matt. Will we ever know the truth of 9-11? Or will this be subject to endless speculation, like the JFK assassination?

    Why is factual truth so hard to find?

  • Abdullah says:

    I think it was the end of summer vacation and the wealthy families like to spend their time in US.

    Think about it

    Thank you

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