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Florida’s Beloved Governor Rick Scott To Reject Billions in Jobs Money….

By September 10, 20115 Comments

The battle lines are drawn….they are becoming ever so clear

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. “” Gov. Rick Scott and top Florida Republicans are sending early signals they could reject the billions in federal aid that could flow to the state under President Barack Obama’s jobs proposal.

Florida has a 10.7 percent unemployment rate that is higher than the national average. But Scott and GOP legislative leaders said the plan outlined by President Obama was too similar to the nearly $800 billion stimulus package that was approved by Congress back in 2009.

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  • Grady says:

    Matt, You really are a believer in Keynesian economics,government spending,aren’t you? Show me the enumerated power in the Constitution where the federal government is empowered to do this?

    • Here’s the deal; I have abject contempt for both parties and all the government spending. I was a Republican, when that meant fiscal control….but that went out door long, long ago. It was replaced with corporatism….giving away the public purse to the corporations. Food stamps are the perfect illustration, the Dems expand SNAP to as many people as they can, then the Repubs fight like hell to make sure SNAP doesn’t just pay for beans and rice, but can be used to purchase all the expensive and unhealthy food produced by the corporate interests…and then there’s JPMorgan right there in the middle skimming away billions, sending their profit offshore. But a big theme you will hear me repeating over and over and over is just how corrupt this governor is….the road projects, the oil company interests, and God only knows what other corporate ties we’re gonna find……this is so far beyond one party or the other…..

  • Grady says:

    You didn’t answer my question. Instead, you want to make it a “party issue”. I am not speaking about parties or personalities, I am speaking about Constitutionalism. Show me where in the Constitution the federal government is granted the power to transfer wealth under the premise of a “jobs bill”. You can’t have it both ways unless of course one is a “cafeteria Constitutionalist”. Might I suggest that you read some Hazlitt, Bastiat, and Rothbard.

    • I’m just as frustrated as you are, probably more. The problem I see is things are so dire right now that if we do not get people working….doing something…all out chaos reigns. Now I believe it’s coming no matter what we do, and that some kind of global catastrophe is on the horizon, but that’s a whole other story. The Constitution is dead. I hate to say it, but I see it first hand every day. And the Rule of Law…dead too. We’re now just trying to sort of quell the riots with tricks and manipulations…..and yes, the spending is just manipulations..short term survival really.

  • Concerned reader says:

    “The Constitution is dead….And the Rule of Law”¦dead too.”

    Amen Brother Matt! Tell it like it is!

    Forget running for the Florida House, we need you for POTUS! Can you get on the ballot? Obama is driving us over a cliff…and I voted for him!

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