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Remember the whole dirty mess called robo signing and surrogate signing and the all that other fun stuff?   Well, the banks are spending your hard earned tax dollars quite well, (thank you very much), I just wonder how much per hour they paid their crafty attorneys to figure this way to wiggle out of their little mess in North Carolina….



  • Lit Gant says:

    Electronic signatures will be the great scheme to legalize all the fraud. It is coming. Republicans need the 2012 campaign money to defeat Obama. Democrats need the bank money to get Obama 2 billion for his war chest. So, look for them to sneak in the electronic signature laws from sea to sea. I think I will make all my signatures electronic with rights of recision.

  • Lit Gant says:

    Well just in the new. The major banks will create a new stream of profits to fund their foreclosure fraud settlements. The big players like BOA, Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase, et al, are going to create a money transfer system like PayPal. You do not need a bank account. But you will pay a transfer fee. PRESTO! The fees they will recover in the first year will be approximately 50 Billion dollars (estimated). How’s that for a new way to pay off the fraud settlements? What would make all this crash is if everyone begins right now to boycott using this new “ClearXchange” profit skiming measure. Let’s use PayPal to show them we will not stick one copper in their pockets. Let’s help crash the banking system. We do not need them any more with Credit Unions in the neighborhood. And all you CU people, do not use the new CX coming down the pike.

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