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Foreclosure Defense Florida


Bondi-PRHow about that?   According to the attached press release, Florida’s Attorney General announced that Floridians could get more than $1 Billion in relief and that the total relief nationwide could be as high as $8 billion dollars!

!$8 Billion Dollars! Now according to my math, that’s a few dollars more than the !$5 BILLION DOLLARS! that the banksters are screaming bloody murder against all across the country.   According to the banking industry hacks, and the politicians and “leaders” that they have bought off, they will not pay $5 Billion, they cannot pay $5 Billion, it is a moral hazard for them to pay $5 Billion, why if they were forced to pay the $5 Billion, the entire United States of America would fall into the moral hazard abyss and the world really would have ended on May 21, as predicted.   In fact, I have it on good information that the real reason we were all saved from the Rapture was because four brave Attorneys General, inspired by GOD, stood on principle, sounded the trumpets and steered us all away from the Moral Hazard and certain peril that would come from enforcing some law any law on a bank.

So read the attached press release, and the attached lawsuit.   And now here comes the Billion Dollar Question….I’m throwing this one out there to every reporter, every attorney in the country…..will somebody please find out whether any Floridian or any American for that matter ever saw one single penny of benefit from this settlement or was this just a publicity stunt?

Read the Releases…compare them to the current debate….

Attorney General Press Release