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Bondi-PRHow about that?   According to the attached press release, Florida’s Attorney General announced that Floridians could get more than $1 Billion in relief and that the total relief nationwide could be as high as $8 billion dollars!

!$8 Billion Dollars! Now according to my math, that’s a few dollars more than the !$5 BILLION DOLLARS! that the banksters are screaming bloody murder against all across the country.   According to the banking industry hacks, and the politicians and “leaders” that they have bought off, they will not pay $5 Billion, they cannot pay $5 Billion, it is a moral hazard for them to pay $5 Billion, why if they were forced to pay the $5 Billion, the entire United States of America would fall into the moral hazard abyss and the world really would have ended on May 21, as predicted.   In fact, I have it on good information that the real reason we were all saved from the Rapture was because four brave Attorneys General, inspired by GOD, stood on principle, sounded the trumpets and steered us all away from the Moral Hazard and certain peril that would come from enforcing some law any law on a bank.

So read the attached press release, and the attached lawsuit.   And now here comes the Billion Dollar Question….I’m throwing this one out there to every reporter, every attorney in the country…..will somebody please find out whether any Floridian or any American for that matter ever saw one single penny of benefit from this settlement or was this just a publicity stunt?

Read the Releases…compare them to the current debate….

Attorney General Press Release



  • triumphant says:

    Wanna bet they’ll use the money to fund more “rocket dockets” and “senior judges” that can ram through more foreclosures? And just in time to pick up the slack after current funding dries up on July 1st!!

  • fernando says:

    Remember the last settlement between the last FL attorney general and bank of america for predatory lending practices?
    I was victimized around that time.. every time i asked them about it and how can they help me they had no idea what i was talking about.. i check their website and anything about it was taken down.. is like the settlement never happened.

    luckly i copy and pasted the documents and text into my blog

  • Lit Gant says:

    Of course a stunt. If it was not they would provide a transparent accounting system for all the public an media to be able to see the SPEND DOWN. Will this happen? Absolutely NOT! The pigs will not allow anyone else at the trough. When I see a spend down access via the internet I will believe this may be an honest effort. And when I see real people getting money to set aside principle mark-downs, I will believe it. Thus far I have no respect for the juduicary, Florida Bar, Florida Supreme Court, or Pam OBondi.

  • incognito123 says:

    I think it is safe to say that all of us who are awake and have a pulse on all this mess know the answer to your question, but the sad thing is, we are all a minority who see and know this as a publicity stunt. The majority of the sheeple in this country will see this, wonder, think OK, next. . . . . . it’s all tkaen care of, including the “inconsistent” “little errors” and “mistakes” were not too big a deal. Sad, very sad.

  • John Anderson says:

    Wanna bet they treat it like the tobacco settlement, and nobody but attorneys and politicos see anything real?

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    I haa thoroughly research Countrywide and Treasury Bank several months ago for a contested bankruptcy hearing on the ownership of my client’s mortgage obligation. Out of curiosity, I returned to the internet to find, as if it had always been there, a previously non-existent yahoo site in which Treasury Bank and Countrywide Bank purportedly exits. This is maddening. Can banks simply be created at will to straighten out bad paperwork? Do these banks really exist or are they a virtual reality? When did Countrywide Bank come back into existence?

  • Charles Cox says:

    Kind of like the 3.5 billion stipulated judment Governor Moonbeam as A.B. got against Countrywide here in California that no one collected (nor could they) on…it did no doubt, help him get elected though…

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