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Attorney General Probe Of Florida Foreclosure Companies Expanding….

foreclosure-stepsNot so long ago, it looked like the banks were going to moonwalk away from the crime scene they created with no penalty…not even much of a slap on the wrist.   First the banks protested the paltry $20 million dollar settlement and other terms, then they objected to the $5 million settlement terms.   But it wasn’t just the banks that were protesting settlement terms, the banks had the support of four of this country’s attorneys general who howled about how the banks could not face any consequence…they warned us of the dire….


that would occur if they leaned on the organized crime I’m sorry, I mean the banking and foreclosure industries.   The basic gist of the warning issued by these four attorney generals was that the country would collapse and the rapture would definitely come if any of their constituents….(I’m talking about the banks of course) were forced to face any consequence.

But now there are serious breaks in the ranks of the attorneys general from all across the country.   It appears that some state AG’s want to let the criminals moonwalk away…while others have decided that their job as attorney generals is to investigate and prosecute crimes.   It’s terribly ironic that Florida is a focus of these investigations….but not, apparently, by Florida’s Attorney General…..

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