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Just What The Hell Is Going On Down There In Florida?

So I urged everyone I could think of to watch 60 Minutes last night.   Based on the response I received, I’m sure quite a few of my friends and readers watched the eye-opening episode.   I was really blown away however by a few comments I got from friends “on the outside”.

These friends were quite blown away that the allegations of fraud, document forgery and criminal conduct.   We’ve all become numb to what the banks are continuing to get away, but what really seemed to have people most furious was the fact that our courts have allowed this whole problem to get so out of control, which prompted more than one person to ask me, “What the Hell Is Going on Down There?”

The problem is even though I spend every day fighting this fight, I simply cannot understand why our courts have just sat by….not spectators to the crime scene….but being active participants in the crimes that continue…even today.   I have a few theories about what is happening, but there’s just no way to explain this most disturbing phenomena.

And while I don’t know what caused this situation, I know for certain that things have gotten much worse as a result….and that they are only going to get even worse from here….