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Foreclosure Defense Florida

An Order Putting A Case in Legal Twilight Zone

foreclosuresThere are so many screwball things happening across this state…one thing that the whole statewide Florida Foreclosure Fiasco has exposed is that our courts are just no equipped to deal with the cases that are pending before them.

The response has been a process that is deficient in many vital areas.   In many cases, these deficient procedures are going to cause the properties that were subject to foreclosure to be unmarketable forever.   There are still other cases that are languishing in a state of suspended reality….a sort of legal purgatory with no bottom or top….no end, no resolution.

The following order is an example of one such circumstance.   Note that there is no rule cited which authorizes the proposed action taken in this case and that’s because….there is no rule that authorizes such an Order.   And if there is no rule that authorizes, exactly what are the procedures that apply to such a non-authorized action?   And how do litigants in a case respond to orders and procedures which have no rules?

This really is unprecedented and it’s impossible to predict where all this will go…..but in times of such chaos it’s hard to believe it will be anything but bad…..