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Foreclosure Defense Florida


Today attorney Kenneth Eric Trent will be live on FM radio in Mississippi and Louisiana talking about the mortgage meltdown. The show will be simulcast on beginning at 6:08 p.m. EST.   It should be a good show, and I urge you all to tune in.   Spread the word!   Anytime someone from our side gets an opportunity to present the true facts in a public forum, I am of the view that we should show as much support as possible – – it adds momentum to our cause!

For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Trent is a Fort Lauderdale foreclosure defense lawyer who, among other things, contributed greatly to the fall of David Stern and the investigations into the foreclosure mills and banks both here in Florida and across the nation.

By way of background, this is what I posted about Mr. Trent when I first learned of his work in August of 2010″

First reported by 4closurefraud, I post below a stunning and mind-blowing class action lawsuit that was just filed against the Law Offices of David J. Stern, David J. Stern individually and MERSCorp. The lawsuit is stunning both in the allegations made and the detail that describes the collapse of the entire American financial markets and widespread the destruction of property rights across this country.

More will be detailed about this lawsuit in months to come.     For now, I encourage everyone to read this lawsuit carefully and share this lawsuit with judges, reporters and policy makers.   The lawsuit articulates many of the suspicions and the greatest fears held by many but who are unable to put those fears into words.   I give real credit to the courageous attorney who took on this effort and encourage all those who are in the fight to protect and defend our courts to support this effort.