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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Banks, When Caught Cheating, Reducing Filing New Foreclosure Cases- Court Funding Suffers.

bank-foreclosuresIn an unexpected bit of fallout from the real estate crash, lenders are filing far fewer foreclosures.

Alas, that’s not because the economic picture is improving but because the housing market is flooded with repossessed homes, and banks and courts are inundated with default proceedings.

Foreclosure filings in Palm Beach County plunged 70 percent in July, August and September compared to the same three months a year ago, research firm RealtyTrac says in a report to be released today. Filings fell 57 percent in Florida and 34 percent nationwide.

In normal times, a sharp decline in foreclosure filings would be cause for celebration. But these aren’t normal times.

Nearly 2 million Floridians owe more than their homes are worth, and the state’s unemployment rate has been stuck above 10 percent for more than two years.