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Foreclosure Court From a Homeowner’s Perspective

The sleeping giant that is the American people is waking up.   The correspondence below is the kind of letter every single person who is impacted by foreclosure and who cares about our country needs to be writing.   This is still our country and for now we still have the right to protest.   If you don’t like what you’re seeing, but you’re not doing anything about is….don’t complaint when it all comes crashing down around us.   Make sure you join the rally in West Palm Tomorrow!

It’s time for leadership and the rest of America to wake up and take notice as well.   Please read below a   letter from a homeowner addressing issues relate to foreclosure:

Dear Judge I. Kreeger,

I am really sorry that you feel that Foreclosures and ” rocket dockets“ is not a rush to judgment.

I respectfully disagree.

I am a Florida Homeowner and a recent veteran of your ” Rocket Docket“. It is a real pity that the Banks of this country have overloaded the Florida court system with so many foreclosures. We won’t get into the fraudulent process by which the banks foisted loans onto a gullible public. Of course what you did not mention is how much money the Florida Court system and the various Clerks of Courts make on each foreclosure.

It was not my experience as you say that there was any review of documentation to determine that all procedural requirements are met and   that this   happens out of public view. I would say it’s a pretty fair guess that all proceedings happen out of public view.

Read the entire letter below:

4Closure Fraud

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