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I am Officially a Card-Carrying Member of the ACLU and First Amendment Foundation- Please Join Me!

ACLU-lawyersDuring lunch today, I logged in and became a member of the American Civil Liberties Union.   As I felt these storm clouds brewing around all of us over the last several months, I’ve come to the absolute conviction that if we do not have our press with us and fight to   preserve free speech, all hope is lost.   The only reason things are changing even just a little bit is the fact that our free press is reporting on our struggle.

Please join me in supporting Free Speech and those who are supporting our battle.   Please see links below:


Florida First Amendment Foundation


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  • litgant says:

    When judges threaten defense lawyers with ethic complaints just because they demand the rule of law and the end of fraud, it is a bad day in America and in Florida. But, I asure you, if I was an attorney and a judge threatened me or became prejudiced against my clients because of my public objections to robo-document signers and robo-judged: I also would think of joining the ALCU. At least the ALCU does defend its members, not like the Florida judiciary who should be proud of good lawyers defending their clients. These days if a lawyer is good at defending his clients with wondeful points of law, with case support, with excellent defenses: he is looked down on by the judiciary for slowing down his rocket-docket. And he is then accused of wasting COURT RESOURCES! It is a shame that justice is now reduced to how much time a judge wants to spend on a case. Forget about rule of law, forget about a fair hearing, forget about justice; all that matters is if the judge can clear his daily docket. Mr. Weidner you are a good lawyer. You are an outspoken attorney for the rights of your clients and others in foreclosure. You are an example of a good lawyer. All this said, all your goodness, kindness, determination to give your clients the best representation you can: it still does not change my mind about the many thousands of shyster lawyers and judges. It is a shame there cannot be two Florida Bars, one for the shysters and one for the good guys. So, use the ALCU to the best of your clients which I am sure you had in mind when you joined.

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