Wow! This shocks and terrifies even me.  I’m talking to reporters who were actively engaged in tracking the banking fraud that continues to exist to this day.  When the propaganda machines were running at full steam a few years ago with the federal government talking about prosecutions and punishment for banking and foreclosure fraud, these reporters wanted to do their job and confirm this.  The reporters were stonewalled. They were put off. They were told to back off the request for information.

The bottom line is they were misled. We were all misled. Not just by the bank. But by a cast of government characters that stood up and told the nation that they had worked to protect us.

We were all misled.

 An audit of the Department of Justice’s efforts to address mortgage fraud says the success of at least one of its programs was vastly overstated in a well-publicized 2012 press conference and wasn’t quietly corrected until a year later.

According to the audit, released Thursday by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, officials stated in October 2012 that the Distressed Homeowner Initiative netted 530 criminal defendants, including 172 “executives.”


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