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But An Assignment of Mortgage Was Executed A Month Before

I had a trial on March 4. A Chase witness took the stand and testified under penalties of perjury for hours.  Just this morning I found an assignment of mortgage indicating the debt was transferred to HUD a month before the trial.

Here is what the foreclosure mill attorney responded when I advised her of what I’d found:

Chase was the servicer of the loan on the date of the trial.  Plaintiff never stated they owned the note, the action was brought in the name of the servicer.  Plaintiff testified they were the holder, not the owner.  We have presented a proposed Final Judgment to the court.  Please feel free to present your own proposed judgment and file whatever motions you deem appropriate.

What you see here is the shell game that is being played on consumers and courts all across this country.  We are all victims and our courts most importantly are victims.

I am of course filing motions.  But I have scant hope that courts will even care about this.

Such is the state of the law.


  • Carl Collicott says:

    HUD, a division of the Federal Housing authority, only deals in “public housing” , see title 12 U.S.C. 1701,et seq.
    Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States, 318 U.S. 363 (63 S.Ct. 573).

  • Mark Bowen says:

    How can the Courts be victims? The Courts have acted partially towards the corporate power structure for far too long for you to continue to think that they are not entirely complicit in the criminal frauds perpetrated on them, and the Defendants in Florida’s courts. To believe that the Courts are in any way innocent exposes an incredibly naïve world view. Most judges know of the frauds, know that the Plaintiff’s in the vast majority of cases have no causes of action, know that those Plaintiff’s never paid anything in consideration, and know that they could never prove to have been damaged or incurred any losses. They have, however, been ordered from on-high to claim equities on those Plaintiffs, and against Defendants, when in the age of securitization, Florida Statute 702.01 which states that “All mortgages shall be foreclosed in equity” is unconstitutional and unconscionable. Where’s law enforcement? Ask Governor Scott, Mr. Big Business (screw the people) himself. The Governor, Attorney General, various Chief Justices, general counsels to Circuit Courts and Chief Judges should all be hanged for Treason against the people in the State of Florida for putting Corporate (legal persons) interests over the people (natural/real persons) and aiding and abetting those white collar crimes that have destroyed, and continue to destroy, so many lives (homeless children anyone?).

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