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Chaos In Florida Chases Business Away….Major Project Abandons The State

Earlier in the week, I shared a St. Pete Times analysis that showed how, by some independent metrics, Florida is the most corrupt state in the country….that’s the St. Pete Times, not me.

Additional reporting from across the state shows how the 2011 legislative session, created an environment that will take corruption to a new and otherworldly dimension.   In plain terms, the legislature removed restrictions that prevented businesses and individuals from paying to have laws they need passed.   That practice was once called bribes, but now that’s called “Leadership Funds”.

Meanwhile, Florida’s courts are in chaos.   Our legislature has defunded our courts so that the entire judicial branch gets less than 1% of the funding from the entire state budget.   Our judges and staff are whipped and stretched past the point where they can fulfill their constitutional mandate to provide due process and protection to citizens and businesses in this state. (Not just my opinion, read the opinion of the Florida Supreme Court. Now granted this opinion did not expressly state that, but keep in mind that the facts presented in that case were two years ago….and things have gotten far worse now…read carefully page 14 of the opinion.)

Okay, so our state is bad and getting worse.   If you’re a business why would you even consider moving to Florida and bringing jobs here?   This is your question Rick Scott….how will you answer?   Read the article carefully.