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A True Hero of Protest and Speaking The Truth….Martin Luther…Howard Troxler

Martin Luther is a true hero of mine.   Old Marty was a Catholic Monk, a devote Catholic who had a few problems with his beloved church….95 problems to be exact.   He asked and asked the Popester to come and chit chat about his little questions, but the Popester said NO WAY.   Read More Here Rome wouldn’t listen so now there are Lutheran and Baptist churches on every other corner all over the world.

And now read how his protest relates to us today…..

Aug. 22, 2001

It is a good thing that back in Luther’s day they didn’t have Designated Protest Areas.

Modern spin doctors would have fenced off Luther out of sight, several blocks away, where he wouldn’t bother decent people. There would have been no nailing of anything on the church door, nosiree.

“Hey, look at me!” I can hear poor Luther shouting, his voice echoing across the empty cobblestones. “Look, I have some Theses!” Everybody would figure he was a nut. All the big scribes would be blocks away over at the university. At most, Luther would get a tiny, it-takes-all-kinds photo back on page 7B of the Wittenberg Daily Bugle (“Lone Protester Fails To Spoil Leo X’s Day.”)

This comes from Howard Troxler, long-time columnist at the St. Petersburg Times, read a tribute here…

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