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BOMBSHELL! The ACLU Lawsuit That Exposes the Serious Failings of The Florida Court Sytem!


  • Blue Floridian says:

    Oh my word!! I read a few passages describing the factual basis for the petition. The comments from the Court that are dismissive of the Defendants’ statements and ability to defend against the suit; I’ve heard before but when you see them all laid out in print. . . . it makes a bad taste and more in your mouth. The Courts should be ashamed to have this Petition heard. They should apologize and issue reparations now. But me thinks they will just stick their heads in the sand. Nothing to see here but the U.S. Constitution being trashed. Every single one of these senior judges should have to submit to a financial audit to see when and where and for how much they got into the pockets of the bank. Don’t think it can happen here? Think again.
    The only downside to this, it is just in one circuit. These excesses are everywhere, and they need to be shut down.
    BTW when the Petition is rejected out of hand by the Second (my prediction) How will Chief Justice Canady who set up this “system” be able to even sit in judgment on the propriety of what the Second did?

  • learning2 says:

    Wow! Great! Thanks for passing this on. I’ll be sure to pass this on to my attorney, Richard Carey. I hope this helps provide ‘the rule of law’ in the future. My heart goes out to all the attorneys representing the defendants over the past few years; very stressful, as well as, a kick in the teeth when it comes to ‘belief’ in a fair justice system. This brings a ‘bit of hope’ for the future of the justice system in Florida.

    Best regards and wishes. Take care of your mind and body…

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