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You Think Foreclosure is Bad? Just Wait…..The Credit Crisis Goes To College!

Subprime-loansBy now we all know just how insidious, criminal and abusive the subprime credit market was in housing.   But you ain’t seen nutthin yet.

While the adults were focused on homes, the vipers sunk their fangs into America’s children….and they’ve sucked the lifeblood out of America’s youth.

This is the next financial crisis that will rock our country… on…..

From 1987 through 2000, the amount of total Title IV dollars received by students of for-profit schools fluctuated between $2 billion and $4 billion per annum. But when the Bush administration took over, the DOE gutted many of the rules that governed the conduct of this industry. Once the floodgates were opened, the industry embarked on 10 years of unrestricted massive growth. Federal dollars flowing to the industry exploded to over $21 billion, a 450% increase.