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Some Attorneys General Will Not Settle

AG-CoakleyThere are some rumblings that the Department of Justice is putting the pressure on state attorneys general to sign onto the controversial $20 billion mortgage settlement deal this week that could release banks from legal claims in state investigations and law suits.

Monday, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley joined a handful of dissenters in announcing that she will oppose the inclusion of the issues surrounding MERS in any deal.

MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) as pointed out by Abigail Field in a recent post on Reality Check:



  • Elizabeth says:

    I hope they do not settle now that the case is going to move forward with law firms using a 2008 invention to creation mortgage assignments in a patent created by a Lawyer, using MERS to perfect their theft this is going to be interested I want any lawyer to tell me how can any foreclose on my home based on a damn idea (patent)


  • John Anderson says:

    I really do hope that some of the 50 state AGs will not sellout and allow rule of the rich, to trump rule of law.

  • Coolin Ford says:

    I will download it

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