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You Know This Country is in Trouble When….(OCCUPY WALL STREET)

This country is in real trouble when even Sesame Street agrees with the Occupy Wall Street Movement

And when librarians are out protesting

For more from the photographer that took the above photo, check out more OCCUPY WALL STREET photos here


  • Lit Gant says:

    This is American Spring in the making. I hope it transfers all across America. The banks own America and it is time to kill everyone of them and have a new economic system here. Maybe then the judges will stop taking their money and rule according to the rule of law?

  • speakout says:

    Yes, I just read in the paper last week, that the court system is asking for more money because foreclosures are down and they are not taking in enough “revenue”. It is a sad day when the court system’s funding depends on someone getting kicked out of their house, so the judge can pad his pension fund. Seems to me, that the funding should be coming from the RECORDING of mortgages. Oh yea, MERS fixed that one and deprived the county recorder from millions of dollars in “revenue” that should have been paid by the banksters. Calling all courts – GET YOUR MONEY FROM THE RECORDING FEES TO PROPERLY RECORD A DOCUMENT, AND NOT FROM INNOCENT HOMEOWNERS THAT ARE HAVING THEIR HOMES STOLEN! Could this be why the judges are ruling in favor of the plaintiff? Time to sure the courts – co-conspirators to fraud.

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