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How Do You Spell Corruption? SOLYNDRA!……

solyndra-solarThe “OCCUPY!” movement is about people just totally fed up with our entire system of government.   It is corrupt. It is failing. It is benefiting 1% at the expense of everyone else.

Some democrats have tried to capitalize on this movement, and tried to align themselves with it, but the leaderless movement issued a statement making it clear that this was not about one party or the other…they’re both so stinking corrupt that neither should try to take credit or benefit from what is happening.

The latest example comes from the investigation into the collapse of one of the Obama Administration’s crown jewels….Solyndra, a solar company that was going down the tubes before the feds rushed in with my money to save them….oh but only after the corrupt insiders made sure that the predominantly democrat investors got paid first…..

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  • speakout says:

    This is what happens when you have politicians getting kickbacks (campaign contributions) from companies for favors. They are using the peoples money to fund private corporations. I thought that was what wall street was set up for. To raise capital for investment. Why are the people’s money being used to make the investments, and then these companies go BK and we get left holding the pile of #*%@.
    Wall Street needs to be held accountable for failing to provide the money for the economy. They have failed too. The SEC has failed. The government has failed. We need a clean slate. This is not a can of worms – it’s a pile of snakes! We, the people should be taking over the company (it’s our money that funded it) create an Employee Stock Owned Company, where the workers get a piece of the action and profits. This model of business has been around for a while. We need to do this with every company that the people have to put up money for. This should be the new model for business in the future. The workers get an automatic investment, just for working there. It’s a new day people, WE can write the new script for our society. Down with the old regime and way of doing things. Time for REAL change for OUR benefit.

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