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What if Every Reporter In America Spoke The Truth, With Passion Like Dylan Ratigan?

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Please watch this video of Dylan Ratigan, finally someone that is speaking the truth!

Our entire government is totally corrupt.   The American people have been robbed.   The corporations have gutted the American middle class with the cooperation of our elected “leaders”. (In Florida look no further than the Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act, which is a continuation of the coddling and Too Big To Fail policies that got us here.)

Wall Street and the banksters have engaged in the most grand crime spree ever perpetrated on a people…..and it still continues unabated today.   And still we all sit here and wonder what can we do.   This cannot end well, there are any number of disturbing outcomes to all of this, each one more troubling than the next….and every one will result in a dramatic upset of the world as you know it.

What side of The Wall will you be on when it all comes crashing down?   This is not Democrats or Republicans or Teaparty. This is Us v. Them.   The Banksters v. The American People.   The Wall Street Wizards v. The Merchant on Main Street.

What we need in this country is a new party, not a party for them, a party for us and just us.   The Justice Party.   The laws will be enforced. White collar criminals will be prosecuted with twice the intensity currently focused on petty criminals and dime bag hustlers.   There will be perp walks.   Ill-gotten profits will be disgorged.   Fraud and economic crimes will be pursued with all the intensity of a murdering, child molesting, cop killing manhunt.

Will you stand up and be part of the solution?   Are you willing to take some action or are you content to sit back, a loyal subject of the White Collar Criminal Oligarchy that this nation has become?

The Justice Party