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The Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act of 2012, Jacksonville’s Chip Parker Comes Out Swinging

judicial-foreclosuresA few years ago a handful of attorneys, along with a vocal group of consumer advocates, got together and contributed their time, their talent and their passion to make sure Floridians were not victimized by the banksters and their efforts to turn Florida into a non-judicial foreclosure state.   Tomorrow, I will post some more details of that effort.   Tonight, it should be noted that one of the very first attorneys to stand up and say he was willing to fight for Floridians was Chip Parker from Jacksonville.

Like the other good attorneys involved, Chip stepped up, took on the burden and said to the citizens of the State of Florida….

“I’m Not Gonna Let The Bankers Beat You Up In An Unfair Fight”

Since that time, Chip has suffered some of the same attacks and pressure that many of the other great consumer fighters have suffered.   Forget what you think you know about American justice, when you’re fighting for the common man, when you’re fighting for the rights of the little guy, you’ve got a Bull’s Eye, painted squarely on your chest….The Dark Side will stop at nothing to take you out.

But Chip is committed to the fight for consumers and, true to form, the moment he heard that the banksters were at it again with their (un)Fair Foreclosure Act of 2012, he came out swinging.   I don’t suspect the proud warrior lawyers who dare to stand up to the machine will be permitted to stand forever.   Eventually, they will silence us all and hack us all down to size…..but until they do, just listen to what the truth of your world sounds like:

Florida has a proud history of whoring for the mortgage industry, and while states across the country are fighting to restore honor and integrity to our judicial system, Florida has taken a different approach.   In Florida, the Supreme Court and our elected state officials are doing what they can to ensure their benefactors . . . the banks . . . get what they want.

Remember Foreclosure Court?    It unconstitutionally employed retired senior judges to act as mortgage mercenaries ““ ramrodding defective foreclosures through the judicial system despite national ridicule.   I am actually shocked it fell victim to Governor Scott’s massive spending cuts.   That must have been a mistake.

Read Chip Parker’s Post Here

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  • NOT RIGHT says:

    LEts fight this, here is the link to find your representatives for Florida. Fax, mail, email, call, drop by if they have an office in your area.

    P.S. interesting, how the ACT states that if the money owed on the home is 120% more than the value no foreclosure needed. WHO created teh massive devaluation of property…49% of americans owe more on there homes than they are worth. I certainly did not buy a property knowing it would depreciate by more than 60% of what it was valued at at purchase…I WISH someone could do a study on our libaliites for that.

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