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WATCHOUT! Misleading paperwork, bullying homeowners to vacate properties…

A homeowner that receives the attached letter might be intimidated to think that they needed to leave the home within 20 days.
They would reasonably think that the letter was put at the direction of a federal agency, HUD.   My question is, who authorized this activity? did HUD tell this law firm to go around sending these letters?
Also curious is the first sentence which reveals the bigger problem….they’re not sure who might be the Wizard Behind The Curtain.
The Dark Side becomes more bold and aggressive and they create an even more dangerous condition out there in this country.
When will courts step in and provide protection to citizens from these kinds of abuses?
BRIDGES.Diane__20 Day HUD Notice


  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    HUD is choosing to use 12 USC 3701, et seq. and particularly 12 USC 3751 to foreclose on homeowners nonjudicially, disregarding judicial foreclosure in the states which have judicial foreclosure. If anyone objects on constitutional grounds, the matter will be decided on federal preemption. I encourage homeowners in judicial foreclosure states to assert that federal law cannot preempt state land rights. Notice of challenge to the constitutionality of 12 USC 3751 is required. Private law firms have been appointed HUD “Foreclosure Commissioners.” Injunctions must be sought against these types of foreclosures, as in nonjudicial foreclosure states. Demand proof that HUD owns the mortgagee interest. If it does not, preemption cannot be claimed in the first instance.
    Also, in the case of the client who received this paperwork, the automatic stay in the GMAC/RESCAP bankruptcy is in play here. This is why I wanted to have homeowners oppose the modification of the automatic stay in the New York bankruptcy. The stay would prevent foreclosures while the matter of the ownership of the mortgagee interest is examined by the bankruptcy court. I currently do not know the status of the automatic stay.

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