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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Abreau v. Countrywide…Another Foreclosure Appeal…a disturbing peek behind the curtain.


  • RG says:

    Matt, thanks for the posting – nice job by Aylsworth! ?would it be possible to post the Appellant’s Reply Brief? it would help to tie everything together — thanks in advance … rg

  • Vestalia Aylsworth says:

    Florida Third District Court of Appeal Foreclosure Defense Reply Brief by Aylsworth & Aylsworth LLP – 305-282-6020 – Oral Argument was on July 5, 2012.
    Copy the URL below and paste it into your browser:*1RQ

    • Vestalia Aylsworth says:

      If anyone is having trouble downloading the links to the briefs, please let me know here with your contact information. Thank you.

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