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Washington Post- Are Florida Judges Ignoring Their Duties?

washington-post-foreclosureThe Jeffrey Stephan story has spread like wildfire, but now the press is starting to ask the kind of tough questions that need to be asked of the judges who are ultimately responsible for accepting the flawed “evidence” and pleadings of attorneys and for signing the orders that throw their neighbors out onto the streets.   Some judges understand the consequences of their actions and realize that if they do not review the files in front of them they are no better than the Robo Signers who are now the target of so much press heat.


Other judges, like the retired trial judge quoted in the article, seem totally unconcerned about such issues as fundamental and pervasive fraud choking our circuit courtrooms.   I suppose one needn’t be concerned with such issues if you won’t be facing the angry mob of electors who will hold you accountable.

At least we have our press to count on.   In the months and years to come, our press will be pouring through court files to examine all the fraud and mistakes that exist.   Remember court files, emails and all other correspondence are public documents in Florida and there are going to be more examples of abdicated responsibility than the papers will have room to print.


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