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US Congressman Alan Grayson Calls For Foreclosure Moritorium

grayson-foreclosuresYou really have to give Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum and his staff credit for announcing their investigations of the abuses of the foreclosure mills.   Although it is disappointing that many circuit court and retired judges are ignoring these investigations, it is important to note that the press is absolutely on fire about these issues now, and especially important, a member of Congress, Alan Grayson, is now calling for a moratorium on foreclosures in the entire state of Florida.   Please click on the link below for the letter he sent to the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court

Alan GraysonForeclosure_Mill_State_Supreme_Court_Request

Next, please visit his website and show your support by clicking here.

The request of a member of Congress cannot be ignored.   It does not come lightly and we all must give serious consideration to what it means when a member of Congress has stepped out with such a bold and dramatic statement.   We must all give this respected member of Congress great credit for taking such an assertive role in this issue and we must all make sure his letter gets the attention and consideration it deserves.

The serious issues we have all been warning about for so long have finally caught the attention of powerful forces that can make real demands for action.   For all of you that have been beaten down by circuit court and even appellate court judges, (especially Ice Legal), these developments are confirmation that all your good work is not in vain.

The Attorney General investigations will continue to shine the light and expose the serious faults that are now exposed in our courtrooms.   Now that there is attention focused on this issue from a federal and national level, it is not inconceivable that Federal courts or officials might be compelled to step in and address these issues that our elected and senior judges are either ill equipped to address or are just choosing to ignore.   Whatever the case, the demons that have been exposed cannot just be ignored…..


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