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Like an abused spouse, I like all other Americans must keep returning to our abusive spouse, the American government and accept their promise that they’re here to help me and they want to make it better.Now, it’s surely true that especially since 2008, the entirety of Amerikan government has existed almost exclusively to protect, promote and continue their collaboration with the economic crime sprees that the banks are engaging in.   And yes, it’s certainly true that the various bribes, settlements and payoffs the   banks have conspired with government regulators and policing agencies serve only as more evidence of the conspiracy between the criminal organizations and their counterparts.   But just one last time here in 2012, lets all stand up and take just one more punch in the face, let’s believe one last time this year that beautiful phrase:

We’re from the government and we’re here to help you!

In this case, it’s:

We’re here from the Federal Reserve Board, we regulate the banks, we want to examine the foreclosure that was filed against you and if we catch the banks forging documents, committing perjury or fraud, we’d like to hear from you and we’re going to punish them.

So click on the link below, and fill out the little form.   Report the bad guys, and let’s see the full wrath of enforcement and penalty rain down upon those who have trashed our legal system, made a mockery of our entire form of government and destroyed communities all across this country:




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  • Bill says:

    Happy New Year Matt.
    I see no harm in filing for the foreclosure review and have done so myself though if I get anything out of it I’ll be very surprised.
    Many people in foreclosure or who have been foreclosed upon won’t avail themselves of this offer. Why? As you and I both know most foreclosures are unopposed. If homeowners won’t put up a fight in court, why would anyone expect them to file for this review?
    As for myself, my servicer filed suit against me in 2009 and I’ve fought it pro se and so far have kept the bank at bay(including beating off their attempt at gaining SJ). If I had money, I’d hire an attorney but I don’t. So I’m fighting rather than giving up.
    Happy New Year again.

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