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Foreclosure Reviews….If The Government Were Serious About Foreclosure Review, Here's Where They Would Start….

foreclosure-reviewFirst, a story in Palm Beach Post about foreclosure review:

St. Petersburg foreclosure defense attorney Matt Weidner said homeowners may have thrown out the eligibility notifications, thinking it was a scam.

” It’s so difficult to distinguish what is legitimate and what is not, even a person knowledgeable in this kind of thing doesn’t know what to pay attention to anymore,” Weidner said.

Palm Beach Post
But then consider this:
Florida’s foreclosure pipeline has slowed since the worst of the meltdown in 2008 and 2009, which created a backlog of 462,339 cases by June 2010. But recent studies show it continues to flow at a higher pace than other states. On Thursday, RealtyTrac again ranked Florida top in the nation for foreclosure activity in November.
The foreclosure cat and mouse can be a harrowing experience for homeowners trying to defend their case or just wanting to get on with their lives.
Paul Rogers knows this well. The suburban Jacksonville resident’s foreclosure case has been dismissed twice. The first time it was canceled for lack of prosecution after it sat idle for more than a year. It was re-filed, but voluntarily dismissed by the lender in August 2011, court records show.
” The plaintiff’s attorney would give the judge no reason,” Rogers said. ” I presume it was because they knew their own paperwork was fraudulent.”
Palm Beach Post
Now, getting consumers to respond to direct mail…even if it were prepared properly….would never achieve anywhere close to any sort of substantial response rates.   Now surely the banks and the government they work with would know this….right?   I mean, if they were depending on these kind of responses to achieve good investigation, they would know they are destined to fail….right?
Well, the futile direct mail cards are not supposed to be the only source of leads on improper bank practices….nope…the “independent” reviewers are supposed to go and look for wrongdoing themselves…..
And what better source of evidence of wrongdoing then the tens of thousands of cases that have been dismissed here in the State of Florida in 2012?   Wouldn’t you suppose, if they were really interested in examples of wrongdoing they would be looking closely at cases that were so deficient that judges had to dismiss them?



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