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Two OUTRAGES! To Start the Day. But What Is Anyone Going to Do About it.

Our entire government is catastrophically broken. At all levels and in virtually every area.   Nowhere is this more apparent than our corrupt and broken financial and regulatory arenas.

It’s sickening and frankly quite terrifying. Between the Fed and Treasury and IRS and every level that has it’s fat, grubby fingers in the purse of the American People, they have all flushed trillions of dollars of our money down a toilet.

And nowhere is this more clearly seen than the corrupt financial catastrophe that is Fannie/Freddie.   Next to the Fed, there’s probably no area where more money has been flushed. (But then since September 11th, a HUGE black hole has developed in the federal budget between the CIA and the NSA where trillions are spent that is not accounted for AT ALL)

But I digress, let’s talk about what we can all see and feel and experience first hand everyday. In our homes, in (ahem) our courtrooms, in our communities. Let’s talk about trillions of dollars of your money flushed down the toilet, right in front of your eyes.   Let’s talk about decades of substantiated allegations of fraud and corruption and malfeasance and just utter incompetence. And now, here’s how it impacts you directly:

Federal mortgage backer Freddie Mac fired a Florida law firm this year for “foreclosure processing abuses,” but sister company Fannie Mae continues to use the firm because it’s too expensive to transfer files to new attorneys.

A Federal Housing Finance Agency Inspector General report released Tuesday criticized the two entities for, among other things, a lack of communication about problems within law firms used to take people’s homes.

But, even when Freddie Mac told Fannie Mae why it was firing the Florida firm, Fannie decided to retain the law firm’s services, noting that the cost of moving cases “would be substantial.” (AND IF THE COST OF MOVING CASES IS SUBSTANTIAL, JUST THINK OF HOW EXPENSIVE NOT MOVING THEM IS GONNA BE) PALM BEACH POST

And if your blood is not boiling:

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