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Saturday, October 15- Sarasota, a Free Event to Serve Consumers and Protect Our Communities! (PLEASE SHARE)

The following press release was forwarded to me by a grass roots group that has formed and who is reaching out to serve members of the Sarasota and Manatee community who are in foreclosure or facing mortgage struggles.

The group asked whether any attorneys might be willing to come and meet with consumers, and I am quite pleased to say that many area attorneys have already agreed to come down to meet with consumers, hear their stories and provide what advice they are able.

One of the most inspiring things about working in this space of foreclosure defense and consumer rights work is the selflessness and dedication that we find among the attorneys and staff who are working to serve their clients and communities.   All of the attorneys who take this challenge and serve their communities are a real testament to the highest values of the profession and serve to show the public the very best qualities of the principled attorneys who practice law.

If you’re an attorney and you want to give back, please make plans to join us.   If you’re a consumer in need, please join us.   If you’re a consumer who wants to meet with your neighbors and share your story, please come and join us.

Let’s show the world how we can work together to support one another and make our world a better place….and now, the press release.

Sarasota, Florida

April Charney, nationally-known foreclosure defense attorney from Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, hero to many as the Mother Theresa of foreclosure defense, has joined the all-star lineup of speakers at the ” Save Your Home” event.

” Save Your Home” is a FREE day-long foreclosure defense workshop to be held on Saturday, October 15, at the Unity Church of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Road, from 9-5.
Ms. Charney joins Mr. Henry P. Trawick, Jr., iconic author of Trawick’s Florida Practice and Procedure.   Mr. Trawick’s speech is titled ” The Foreclosure Mess.”   Matt Weidner, prominent Tampa foreclosure defense attorney and Lisa Epstein, widely-quoted citizen/advocate and owner of will round out the speakers. Attorneys from GulfCoast Legal Services and other local attorneys will also be on hand to answer questions about the latest news and foreclosure defense strategies, and to discuss proposed changes to mortgage/foreclosure laws in the 2011-2012 session of the Florida legislature. This is a terrific opportunity for all Floridians to get FREE advice from dedicated consumer attorneys who are anxious to support the members of their community.

There will be a free screening of the Academy Award-winning movie, Inside Job, at 7 p.m.

The event is being sponsored by The Mortgage Justice Group, an organization of citizens helping citizens in foreclosure. For additional information, please call the Mortgage Justice Group at (941) 504-4873 or email

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