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Today I’m Thankful For…Soldiers Who Fight And Are Willing To Die- The Tampa Bay Frogman Swim!

Last year, on January 4, 2010, I set off with a handful of other swimmers for a little swim across Tampa Bay.   The event was staged almost overnight by a group of Navy Seals who wanted to raise money for a fallen warrior and to raise awareness about the job our men and women in Naval Warfare do.

Sure it was a bit chilly (44 degrees air temp) and 3.1 miles against the open water current is a bit more than a “little” swim, but standing there with these amazing group of soldiers and patriots, I felt so honored to have been given the chance to participate in such an event.

So last week as I was recovering from a rather dismal performance in the Ford Ironman 70.3 World Championships the prior week, I receive an email inviting me to participate in the Second Annual Tampa Bay Frogman Open Water Swim…and the best way to bounce back from the agony of recovery from an endurance race…is to sign up for another one and to become a sponsor of the Tampa Bay Frogman Open Water Swim!

So I’m officially in for the 2011 Tampa Bay Frogman Swim.   Competing in these events is so powerful for me because it gives me the opportunity to give back to all those who served and who gave so much.   I take pride in being able to represent veterans and active duty military who find themselves in foreclosure and I encourage all of my attorney colleagues to stand with me in a commitment to make sure that no soldier in this country will face foreclosure without an experienced and dedicated foreclosure defense attorney representing his or her interests with the same level of passion, dedication and selfless commitment that the soldier gave to serving this country.

Please click on the link below to read about this event.   Prepare to be inspired, prepare to be amazed at the commitment of the warriors that stand to protect us all.   If you feel compelled, please visit the site of the Naval Special Warfare Foundation to help ease the burdens for our returning warriors…

Tampa Bay Frogman Swim

Please join and track the event on Facebook and Stay Tuned!

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