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One More Time – The Order The Banks Don’t Want You To See

This Order was first published on my site on October 3, 2010, just before the Stephan affidavit fiasco broke nationwide and just before GMAC announced that it was suspending foreclosures in 23 states.   (Read the Post Here)

Importantly, read the full Order below.   The banks were desperately trying to put the lid back on Pandora’s box, but the judge recognized the important public purpose that was served by allowing the truth about the actions of mortgage servicers to be made public.   Of particular importance to the judge was the fact that the information they sought to conceal from the public’s site had already been made public on internet sites like this one.

Refresh your memory and read the attached Order carefully.   It serves as an important guide post to us today and it serves as a powerful answer to the question, “Is the Defense of Foreclosure Ethical”? that was recently posed.   The judge in this Order recognized the important public purpose that dedicated consumer attorneys serve while defending homeowners in foreclosure.

Read the Order here…..


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