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Those Poor, Naive OCCUPIED Protesters…


See that picture above. It was shot in Hollywood, but those aren’t special affects, those are real people, tens of thousands of them who have taken to the streets in protest.

And this is just the beginning.   But you wouldn’t know it from watching mainstream media.   But it’s not all the media’s fault, there’s not an entirely complete corporate media conspiracy…the fact of the matter is the American people are responsible for the garbage that we are fed every single day. (both literally and figuratively)

The most “important” stories, the ones that are covered are the ones that bring in viewers and if the great American hoard insists on Kardashian’s wedding, the media is only to happy to oblige.

Americans don’t get that the total derivative exposure is   now greater than all the alleged assets in the banking system worldwide. Americans don’t even understand what Greece or sovereign debt means…but they know all about silly fooseball statistics and dancing with the stars….and this whole Republican circus with no viable candidates…..

I’ll be off in the sticks while the cities are burning……oh, and here’s a little tastes of “Contagion”:

Just as I suspected, the big Wall Street banks have  a significantly higher exposure to the European banking crisis than is apparent from the “on balance sheet” disclosures.     Bloomberg reports this morning that U.S. banks have $518 billion in credit default swaps (CDS) on European sovereign and corporate debt.  That number increased by $81 billion in the  1st half of this year.  JP Morgan, Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Citigroup write 97% of a CDS in the U.S.   This data is reported to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS – the “central bank” of all central banks) but does not show up in the balance sheet numbers reported by the banks  and marketed by Wall Street as being “fortress balance sheets.”   It shows up somewhat opaquely in the footnotes but is largely off-balance-sheet and unregulated.   The regulations that  are  in place go unenforced.