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American Taxpayer- Beaten Spouse, Abused Child, Kicked Puppy and the Fannie/Freddie Bonuses

McCain-ForeclosuresI have a well developed sense of rage and frustration at what is happening in my country.   It grows every single day as I watch my fellow man suffer the abuses of the corporations and the elected and appointed officials that own them.   It boils and bubbles over every single day when I watch consumers sliced at the knife of a legal system that is neither fair or impartial.

I see the protests and I wonder, “Why are more people not out here?” I see the facts, then I know that when more people finally wake up, the streets will burn and things will devolve into a place worse than most people can imagine.

If a drug company wants to kill people with bad drugs, that’s just fine, right?   If a car company wants to build cars with exploding gas tanks, that’s just fine, right?

Well, unlike in those examples, the American taxpayer is not necessarily paying the bills…but in Fraudclosure, the American taxpayer is paying billions of dollars directly to Fannie and Freddie and to the corrupt minions that serve these masters.   The law firms and mills that are responsible for the utter desecration of our legal system have been paid billions….and they will continue to be paid….because the people will not speak out… has just been disclosed that you and I, taxpayers are doling out hundreds of millions…..

“It’s been proven time and time again that Fannie and Freddie are synonymous with outright corruption and fraud and the federal regulator has the audacity to approve $12 million in bonuses to people who make $900,000 per year,” McCain charged, as Freddie Mac on Thursday reported a $4.4 billion loss for the third quarter and announced it is seeking $6 billion from the Treasury Department. “This body should be ashamed if we let this happen, especially in these economic times.”





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  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    I just stumbled across the Fannie Mae fraud in a case last month. When I called the FHFA and spoke to an attorney to ask for a copy of the FHFA conservatorship powers over Fannie and Freddie, I was told to submit a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request. But I was told by the attorney that Fannie and Freddie were allowed to continue to manage their own day to day operations in conservatorship and that the FHFA is a “super board of directors.” The FHFA is the US government agency which took over Fannie and Freddie under 12 USC 4617 on September 6, 2008. No wonder I need a FOIA request to look into one of the creators of MERS and the entity which required the “endorsed in blank” practices which annihilated the nation’s land records and the proper application of the Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code in order to seize our nation’s homes for the benefit of the big bank servicers, bailed out by our tax dollars. Servicing rights do not create ownership of the promissory note and mortgage and I have yet to see a properly funded REMIC trust.
    Denying Fannie and Freddie bonuses is not good enough. We need a complete audit of the former GSEs which continue to operate their own business affairs despite the bailout and conservatorship. In court on November 1, 2011 on reconsideration of a false default judgment presented by a foreclosure mill after hotly contested summary judgment proceeding, the foreclosure mill lawyer let it slip hat the unlawful foreclosure against my clients might have been for the benefit of Fannie Mae (the probable guarantor pullng the strings and which does not appear as a Plaintiff in the proceeding.) If Fannie is behind the mass foreclosure process and we bailed Fannie out, we need to insist that all alternatives to foreclosure had to have been pursued first in any case involving a Fannie or Freddie guarantee or purchase. (Use discovery in current proceedings.) I would not be surprised if we discover that Fannie and Freddie are behind not just the MERS and UCC disasters, we might also find that Fannie and Freddie pressed the robo-signing foreclosure crisis to back their phoney securities with the hard assets of our clients’ homes. We bailed them out so that they could foreclose on us! Congress should stop all Fannie and Freddie foreclosures and demand a complete accounting, just as the demand is made to audit the federal reserve banks. I think we will find that Fannie, Freddie and the Fed are behind a scam to foreclose on US homes to pay off the International Bank of Settlements. We are just like Greece, Ireland and Portugal! We are also what is going to happen to Spain and Italy! We need to be like Iceland, which refused to pay the private bank debt and have pressed charges against its Prime Minister who was in power at the time of their financial meltdown. Iceland is certainly not underwriting bonuses for the operators of the failed private banks. AUDIT FANNIE AND FREDDIE!

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