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This Memorial Day Weekend, Think Not Just of Our Good American Soldiers, Think of The Millions of Human Beings We Have All Killed Across The Globe

The fact that America has become a terrorist, fascist state can no longer be ignored.

Across the globe, we kill indiscriminately. We wage wars of conquest for corporations based on lies.   And the war criminals go unpunished.

We kill children and women at weddings and funerals with drones.

Here at home, those that speak out against tyranny, against lawlessness, against corporate abuses are targeted, they are attacked, their lives destroyed, their families ruined.

Activists and attorneys, victims and their protectors are suffer arrest, persecution and prosecution while their attackers are rewarded.

There no longer exists in this country the Rule of Law.   The Law and judges and our justice system have grown silent and in silence have become willing participants in the fascism.

There is indeed a direct connection between the economic enslavement and the corporate lawlessness here at home and the war crimes and the profiteering all across the globe.   Their common denominators are evil and corruption.

The truth in this video is too much for most people.   But increasingly enlightened humans in this world are waking up….and that is most dangerous to those in power.



  • As a VETERAN, I have to ask you Matt…

    Couldn’t you have chosen another holiday OTHER than MEMORIAL DAY to SHIT all over military heros GRAVES like this?

    Memorial Day is a time to remember and HONOR all those that fought and DIED so that YOU could FREELY post blogs like this and shit all over the military citizens of this country like you just did.

    Couldn’t you have had even the smallest shred of common decency to at least NOT use Memorial Day to do it?

    It’s a real eye-opener to see the true contempt you have for our fallen heros Matt. I’ll be sure to spread your words around and help you get your message out.

    • I could choose another day to SCREAM THIS TRUTH. I could hold my tongue on this sacred day, but I choose not to. I choose not to stand silently on this day, or any other. On this day, more than any other, we should honor our military, and the real honor that they fought for. The problem is, those who are leading our men and women into battle, and into death, today, dishonor the service of all and especially those who have fallen. The point is none of us can sit in this country secure, wrapping ourselves in the flag that is soiled and desecrated by the posture of our military today.

      • J.R. Homeowner says:

        Then obviously, there is nothing that functionally separates you from the “Westboro Baptist Church” protesters who disrupt fallen soldiers funerals screaming THEIR truth out.

        Zealots tend to make poor choices I guess…..

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