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This Memorial Day Weekend, Don’t Forget About The Millions That Have Been Murdered And Tortured In Our Name.

There is a growing awareness in this country, and certainly around the world, that the United States of America has become a dangerous, violent and out of control empire.   We kill indiscriminately across the globe. We directly murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children when George Bush and his band of war criminals sent our nation’s warriors into battle based largely on information that they knew at the time were lies.   It is undisputed now, even among the highest echelons of Bush’s staff, that they engineered and executed a campaign of lies and fraud, then broadcast and sold this propaganda to the world.   Their campaign caused the death, mutilation and ongoing torture of millions of people.

Iraq is the worst.   The most violent. The largest in magnitude.   But it doesn’t stop there. Afghanistan. Libya. Yemen. Pakistan.   And God only knows where else across the globe. It didn’t stop with Bush, it continues with Obama, sending drowns to rain down fire and evil from above.   And the evil is not just raining down on the bad guys. The evil rains down at weddings and funerals and birthday parties.   Women, children, innocents.   Burned, their flesh and bones turned into melted fat and carbon.   They were human beings, but in American death squad speak they are merely collateral damage.

Are there Islamic militants?   Sure there are.   There always have been.   The question is have we created more militants by barbequing women and children who have done nothing wrong?   They don’t all hate us because of our freedoms, many more hate us because we’ve turned their families into smouldering masses.

And we’re not safe here just because we happen to be on the “winning” side of this on going war of madness.   The same out of control evil and madness that allows us to kill around the globe is now turned squarely into ourselves.   This evil killed Aaron Swartz.   This evil is torturing Bradley Manning.   This evil is arresting and persecuting thousands of protestors…the same evil that’s letting the conditions persist such that not a single banker has been jailed.

This evil puts more and more Americans into poverty and perpetual slavery.   The same evil that spins the wheels the wheels of injustice ever more rapidly. The same evil that has turned the entirety of our nation’s judicial system impotent.

One final thing. As we all enjoy our Memorial Day festivities and cookouts, stop to think for a few hours about the hundreds of men that were and remain housed in the hell on earth called Guantanamo Bay.   No, not the bad guys…..the ones that our own government has admitted now for many, many years are totally innocent.   They did nothing wrong.   They are taxi drivers, and farmers. They are husbands and sons. And fathers. One more time for those who do not understand….THEY DID NOTHING WRONG. And yet they rot away like animals.



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