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I just love getting out into the sticks and the rural areas of the country.   And what I hear from the farmers scares the hell out of me. But more of that later.   This beautiful fella pictured there is my cow.   He’s smiling because he’s happy and calm, living out in beautiful fields with all his family and friends.   And the little fella right below here, well he’s about a day old, still wobbly on his little paws, his hide still damp from being inside his momma right there.

The pasture itself is apparently quite extraordinary….we traveled for miles and miles past hundreds of acres of similarly looking pasture, but the those fields don’t have that special mixture of grass found right here in this little bovine heaven where these guys and gals live.   The mommas live quite a life…they’re prized possessions passed down through generations of Florida ranching royalty.   Only the finest male gentlemen callers with the finest pedigree are allowed near these ladies….no stressed out large herd stocks here…this is small scale, specialty farming at its very finest.   A kind of beautiful Florida cracker tradition that’s kind of slipping away.   We’ll keep visiting and getting to know the little fella and his family and then one day a few months from now we’ll see him again, only he’ll be wrapped up all neat and tidy….in a couple hundred small plastic packages. And yes, we named him….his name is Dinner.

Next, and even deeper into the sticks is a sweeter piece of Florida cracker history and tradition…the cultivation of heirloom stocks of sugarcane….the secret ingredient in a priceless cracker commodity….grapefruit and orange and blueberry wine.   This kind of farming is like religion….and the farmers are shaman…preserving and protecting   those sacred parts of Florida history and tradition that are absolutely essential…for our economy and for our souls.   Check out this website on chewing cane and order you a few shoots for yourself, if you’ve got the notion to grow and take a very active roll in the building blocks of your own personhood.

And like the rest of this country, these guys are being pinched and squeezed and pressured like never before.   They’ve been sold out again and again and again in this state…and across this country.   And the very same factors that are at play in the complex con that is high flying Wall Street finance is at play in the world of our food supply system….I wonder what the impact will be……




    “Thou Shalt Not Kill”
    This “law” made by GOD to Moses, was quickly ignored when Moses came down the mountain and found his people worshiping a Goldman-Sachs,
    excuse me, I mean a golden calf.[Easy to mix up the two]
    Karma, the doctrine of higher things, says that we all get what we deserve.90% of the people of earth kill and eat innocent animals.
    I dont, I AM the 10% vegan.
    I AM the 1%, a SOVEREIGN and Secured Party Creditor instead of a DEBTOR. This means my non killing brain, understands that I AM the source of the funds with the context of a home loan, AND the source of the funds that allow the Federal Reserve to fund home loans, because ALL U.S.A.CURRENCY, is based upon the value of a person, who gets the Birth Certificate registered into the Dept. of Commerce, and the FED then prints $1,000,000 based on that, and the Treasury creates a $1,000,000 BOND which is then sold,traded and invested in.
    The single act to reverse this mess, is to TAKE POWER OF ATTORNEY OVER THAT $1,000,000 ASSET, AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR NAME.
    I love you Matt for the way you speak from the foundation you have for the Rule of Law,that has been REVERSED by Bankers Fraud.
    AGAIN REVERSE and Google STRAWMAN, therein lies the solution.
    You have been ignoring me, because like all meatheads [meat-eaters] you IGNORE the commands from the SOVEREIGN [GOD]You are then left to your own devices.How are things going? Not too well,huh?
    Too bad you don’t take the chance and move up the food chain.
    Meatheads are contributing to the worst polluting business on earth.
    Water is in short supply and frankly, the earth can no longer support this ugly virus that is the human race.
    Sign all the petitions you want, it will do no good.
    Stop eating meat, by the millions, and guess what,they will take notice.Stop buying gas for one week, stop paying the mortgage, stop going to work, STOP CONTRIBUTING to the machine that is grinding you to a pulp.The solution lies in the problem.

  • William Moorer says:

    Below is excerpt from the International Forecaster Newsletter sent in by a Retired US Army LTC.

    “(1) Food shortage for both humans and animals. Farmers were just in Washington and had hearings with both the House and Senate. The farmers do not have feed and/or water for their animals. They asked for land in the soil bank to be released for farming. The government said no. Farmers in Indiana are feeding the turkeys wheat. No corn as it is being turned into fuel for cars. On vacation I talked to Sonny, a prominent rancher from the Hill country in Texas. He is down to 19 cattle and does not know if he can keep them alive. The food supply chain is down to about two weeks. If anything disrupts this chain, no food for the masses. Food price inflation is already occurring. It will get worse. One could make a case for over 25% next year and 100% after the presidential election. Inflation that high will lead to violent protests.”

  • J. R. Homeowner says:

    A new calf with “PAWS” ??!!
    Holy Cow Weidner! (I just had to get that pun in there somehow)
    Your “city boy” sure is showin’ Matt.
    What’s next, a chicken with fins?
    Them’s HOOVES on that little critter counselor!

  • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:


    Oh Matt.

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