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SCOTT OLSEN- Standing Peacefully Until He is Hit Directly In The Face

I assumed Scott Olsen was part of a rowdy group of protestors….but the video shows him standing straight and absolutely passively just moments before a flash grenade explodes….and he falls to the ground.

Remember the picture above from China?   Remember what you thought about this man and his courage and the tanks?   Well, if this standoff took place in the US today, this guy would be blown away…..

The videos below are damming… shows an innocent man standing and not moving. Not agitating.   Watch all the videos of the crowds leading up to the attack.   Look into the faces of the protesters…they’re kids.   Listen to the Sheriff “Peace Officer” broadcasting in the background, “On behalf of the people of California, I declare this to be an unlawful assembly”

And then they don their protective gear and begin firing upon the protesters….men, women, kids.

The video confirms what Olsen asserted his mission was….to try and bring peace and reduce tensions….he was not an agitator and he does not appear to be merely an innocent victim….it appears that he was targeted by the round that hit him…..

Watch all the video carefully

And watch this video here

And check this out here






  • goducks1 says:

    Two problems with your post/agenda. Fact, it was not the s.f. sheriff’s department on the bullhorn. Fact, it was not Bergstresser who threw the flash bang. S.F. sheriff’s do not even carry/ authorized flash bangs. You are repeating what someone else wrote and are now victimizing someone else. Hard to get the message when the message is very flawed. I know you will read this with contempt but time will prove you and several people VERY wrong. Hope you have the guts to apologize to Bergstresser.

    • Please review all the video and my posts carefully. Clearly it is uncertain exactly how this innocent civilian got critically injured or exactly who did it, but consider this. If this had been a crowd of civilians in Iraq and the paramilitary force dressed in black had been US Marines, the entire unit would be held until it was determined exactly who was responsible. Then, after it was determined who was responsible, many soldiers would be subject to court marshal. Not just because what happened to Olsen, but the events leading up to and after he was hit. The streets were turned into a war zone. Flash grenades? Tear Gas? The menacing loudspeaker in the background? It’s not for me to know who is responsible for all of this, but it was all there…it’s all in the videos. It’s now up to command and control to investigate and if they won’t, time for the feds….either way, charges are in order.

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