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These New York Cops Should Beat The Crap Out of This US Marine- How Dare He Talk Back!


I am incensed by the brutal attacks that the New York Cops are dishing out on defenseless US citizens.   The attacks on peaceful protesters make it very clear that this country has turned into a White Collar Criminal Oligarchy.

What really blows my mind is when I show the video, one or two people try to justify the cop’s brutal attack on an unarmed citizen.   I am absolute about this….we must not permit police brutality at all yet it is going rampant in face of these otherwise peaceful protests.

Bloomberg correctly warned before all this started:

“If we don’t do something about unemployment there will be rioting in the streets.”

Well, Mr. Bloomberg, you and all your buddies on Wall Street and in Washington, DC destroyed this economy and shipped the jobs offshore. You all made billions and still sit on the top of the world.   You were all so smart and so sophisticated. Masters of the Universe. You all masterfully played the Republicans against the Democrats and the whites against the blacks, the Latinos and Hispanics against everyone else.

Well this video here illustrates a problem I’ve been concerned about for a very long time:

What exactly will the US Government do with millions of combat trained veterans who are roaming around this country without jobs and without much to do?


There are almost 24 million veterans in the US, and more than one quarter of them are under the age of 50. (data here)   By some estimates, nearly 20% of the veterans returning from Iraq and Afganistan report symptoms of PTSD, conservatively that’s 300,000 of our nation’s finest citizens who are vulnerable and who we owe a duty both to protect and provide for. (data here)

Now the big, bad cops can be all tough and bad beating up defenseless college students, but how exactly will our nation’s overly armed paramilitary police forces respond to even a few hundred real soldiers?

Would a think, waify college punk get away with screaming at the top of his lungs at these cops?   No he wouldn’t, he would be beaten to a pulp.   But he has every right in the world to stand and scream at the top of his lungs, just like this soldier did.

The leadership of this country may not like the size or the magnitude of these protests. Some people may not like their image or diffuse message. But we had all better stand up and recognize that these protests and their grievances are very real.   The complaints are not constructed by George Soros or the Unions or Obama or any other centralized force.   This is true, honest political protest.   Precisely the kind of spontaneous, home grown political protest that our nation is supposed to protect, defend and support.

Wake Up People, This is Not a Dress Rehersal