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A Challenge to Occupy Florida…..OCCUPY THE BALLOT!

Occupy Florida, Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Miami and everyone in Florida who cares about shaking up the status quo.

You have mobilized and gotten people to wake up.   You have captured the imagination and attention of the world.

Good for you and, thank you.

Now, let me challenge the members of the movement individually and collectively to do something extraordinary that will really shake things up…..


The process is extraordinarily simple, it costs nothing and can be accomplished by any number of you in a matter of a few hours.   Watch this video where I explain how it is done. Next, read the 2011CandidatePetitionHandbook for step by step instructions.

When independent people who are not bought and paid for by the political parties are on the ballot, we cannot be marginalized, we cannot be silenced, we cannot be disregarded.   The names of every qualified candidate will be printed on the ballots and these qualified candidates will have the opportunity to participate in all official political debates and discussions.

So that’s the challenge:

Show the world Occupy Florida….OCCUPY THE BALLOT!


  • Darla says:

    Thanks Matt for the greast post here. Love the idea and hope that others in various states will pick it up. I have been so busy with involvement in a new website (see name link) that I have not had as much time to post out your links and share information. Being the victim of robo signing and evicted from home is not an easy road. We are on our third move in past 6 months. It totally disrupts life, but there have been nomads in past cultures. Whatever happens, corporation cannot get away with fraud and impacting America in such a negative way – while benefitting from America’s bailouts and protections.

  • Darla says:

    We must hold corporations accountable for fraud and negative economic impacts on America.

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