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The Ten Commandments, Pam Bondi and Foreclosure Fraud

attorneys-facebookEarlier today I read the Palm Beach Post article and learned that Florida’s Attorney General is poised to agree on a settlement with the criminal banks.   After first giving a whole lot of credit to the Post for keeping up with this critical story,   I logged onto Pam Bondi’s Facebook Page and wrote a quick message, suggesting that agreeing to such a settlement is a bad, bad idea.

I logged back on later and read a few other interesting posts, including one from a gentleman who quoted the last three of the Ten Commandments to support his position that our Attorney General should not cave in to the banks.   I really thought his Facebook post was very powerful and thought provoking.   Bondi was talking about Pill Mills or something, but here’s what he wrote:

Very nice Ms Bondi please pay attention to these 3 commandments on this day:

EIGHT: ‘You shall not steal.’
banks with regards to foreclosures…….
NINE: ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.’
banks and their lawfirms i…n the legal system you were hired to enforce
TEN: ‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s house;…. …. …. … nor anything that is your neighbor’s – this one pretty much spells it out – Why are you not addressing the banks and these issues?

The great thing about this post is that it is respectful, intellectual and thought provoking.   It got me thinking, you’re reading this so hopefully you’re thinking and I’m hopeful that his post got Pam Bondi thinking.   The whole Facebook thing is brand new, but I know that our leaders are paying attention to these new methods of communicating with their serfs. I want to encourage you to log on and communicate with all our elected officials, especially Pam Bondi.

Just let her know what you think about how she’s handling the foreclosure mess.   Don’t pollute the page with nonsense, but see what you can do to produce a message that is meaningful and will speak directly to her….