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The Hitler Compromises, Budget Negotiations and Concerntina Wire.

senate-budgetIn the blink of an eye, Hitler’s Nazi party went from less than 3% of the popular vote to Chancellor of Germany….a prospect that must have seemed impossible until it happened.

Likewise, today’s Palm Beach Post reports that legislative budget committees are making compromises that would have been utterly inconceivable just a few months ago.   Some of these changes include a radical restructuring of the Florida Supreme Court.   (See Palm Beach Post)

We are in tough economic times in this country, and things are only going to get much, much worse.   And that’s if there is no catastrophic event.   That’s if there is no major natural disaster. Or no planned attack carried out by force that opposes what this country has done or what we have become.

Just like in Pre-Hitler Germany, our “leaders” are failing to recognize the warning signs and they’re failing to protect us from the path that we are heading down.   Every day the banks kick down doors and break into people’s homes.   Every day, the banks walk into “friendly” courtrooms where whatever story they’re telling is more compelling and appealing than that of a homeowner and where the basic Due Process protections afforded by The Constitution are trashed because, as a senior judge recently explained to me,

“We don’t have the funding.   If you have a problem with how this courtroom is being run, take it up with the legislature.”

Which brings me to the last point and the concerntina wire.   Last night, I had woke to a nightmare that featured prison camps and concerntina wire.   Still reeling from those dreams I woke and thought,

“What happens when the real budget hits start coming?   What happens when the food and support that so much of our population depends upon the government to provide to them start being cut?”

This should be a terrifying thought to every single American, but especially to all of us who have seen how quick this country’s leaders have been to trash the basic protections we thought were provided by the Constitution. We’ve all seen it first hand through the fraudclosure problem (it really isn’t a crisis)…and the thing that is most terrifying about what we’ve seen is….

If they’ll trash our rights and cave in to the banks and our courts will just toss in the towel so quickly in the foreclosure context, how quickly will they toss in the towel when real challenges inevitably start to come?

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  • brian tracy says:

    Concertina wire? It’s happening today ,, the big banks that own Ireland have been bailed out by the US taxpayers .. they’ve been made whole after being plundered by wall street… people who bought homes in Ireland are being jailed because they lost their jobs in the economic downturn and can’t meet the outlandish payments based on 2006 pricing… Debtors prisons still exist ,,, but not for the bankers!

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