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bootPlease read the attached story that was just delivered by my clients.   I want everyone to understand just how widespread and pervasive these crimes are.   Our country has gone wild and out of control.

My elderly clients who drafted this terrifying letter are terrified.   I frankly am terrified.

The banks and their thugs now own this country.   Law enforcement does not care.

Read the Letter Below:


Won’t anyone stand up and protect us anymore?   Who can we count on if law enforcement is now on the side of the criminals?

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  • litgant says:

    The whole rule of law has broken down. When this happens property owners should have a right to protect their homes with any weapon they can. If someone brakes into a home and the owner is in fear of his/her life, the intruder thug is at risk of losing his life if not injured to a crippling condition. I am not telling anyone to use violence but when thugs break in without a court order in their hands, they risk limb and life. It is a blessed thing many of these civil-criminal break in thugs have not already been killed. If some of these come up dead the lenders sending out these thugs can bear the burden of cost.

    We have seen the entire legal system prostituted here in the USA because the basic rights of property has been violated. The police are told by their chiefs not to do anything. The propery owner should file a restraining order and also a criminal complaint against who ever has broken in. It is time to flood the courts from a different angle. Maybe, just maybe, the American people will send the message they are not going to take this any more.

    My message to the police is to take reports of breaking and entering and any other charges that apply. Changing the locks is one thing, to steal private property is a crime and police should arrest the guilty. I mean if they can arrest some kids on petty shoplifting a 99 cent bracelet, they can go after these thieves who are making of with thousands of dollars in booty. Go Matt….

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